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Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2020, 08:41
by ylq
Ignite and start tasting. The smell from the smoke is typical of platinum. The aroma is gradually exposed and the smoke is slightly calmer. Compared with some white filter tips, the taste is more delicious. When it comes to the intensity of the smoke Marlboro Cigarettes, it is naturally weaker than some hard red versions. But compared with the white filter of the platinum million, like some other versions, it is more rich and transparent. Compared with the new Brazil, it is weaker than the latter. The burning speed of tobacco is slightly slower. This is very similar to the Portuguese version of Hard Platinum. Take a deep breath, and the smoke flows through the throat and into the lungs. The smoke at the entrance is elegant and slightly moist. Under the nourishment of the elegant fragrance, the satisfaction that the smoke brings to the lungs is naturally good. Especially after the mouth and nose are opened and the smoke is sprayed, the odor remaining between the lips and teeth is very palatable. It is a natural fragrance, slightly moist, sweet and bitter. I once again smoked the Portuguese Hard Platinum with the same root version. It can be said with certainty that there is almost no difference in the comprehensive taste of the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Hard Platinum with the Iberian Peninsula. After all, they are all produced in Portugal, and the two countries are close neighbors. The similarity is understandable in terms of taste and taste. I checked the post of the tax-free version of the Spanish hard platinum million that I wrote before. The overall quality of that model is not much lower than the tax-paid version in the article Cigarettes Online. Although the place of origin of the duty-free version is LA, the two models are on the same level in terms of the richness of the smoke and the elegance of the aroma. 4. Summary From this point of view, the Spanish version of blended cigarettes, especially the Marlboro brand, are both tax-exempt or tax-paid, and their comprehensive quality is relatively superior.
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Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S

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