Bad name of the quest "6985"

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Bad name of the quest "6985"

Postby shinki » 13 Aug 2016, 16:32

The quest :

The name in English/German/French is bad. The Korean name is correct ;)

Name actual in English -> Golden Ruins: Hidden Crevice
Good name in English -> Golden Ruins: Sennimal's Prison

Name actual in German -> Goldene Ruinen: Versteckter Spalt
Good name in German -> Goldene Ruinen: Sennimal Gefängnis

Name actual in French -> Ruines d'or : Crevasse cachée
Good name in French -> Ruines d'or : Prison de Sennimal

Proof (in french)

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Re: Bad name of the quest "6985"

Postby Admin » 14 Aug 2016, 13:55

Thanks for the report! I've updated the database and fixed this issue.
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Re: Bad name of the quest "6985"

Postby nohavomi » 12 Jan 2019, 05:49

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