To create a variety of silver jewellery

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To create a variety of silver jewellery

Postby mmogo » 11 Feb 2018, 08:49

As we all know, there is a wide array of Jewellery in OSRS which uses gold but very little uses silver. In order to change this RuneScape Gold situation, Jagex will offer an update of Silver Jewellery in this week's Quality of Life. There are several things we must share with you in advance. Jagex will offer the ability to create a variety of silver jewellery... Inspired by a recent suggestion from one player on reddit, Jagex would like to offer the ability to create a variety of silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery would be created in the same way you craft gold jewellery. The only difference would be the use of silver bars instead of gold bars and the use of semi-precious gems.Enhance all types of gem-holding silver jewellery with enchant spellsIt will be possible to enchant all different types of gem-holding silver jewellery using the existing enchant spells found on the normal spellbook.

Level 1 Enchant for Opal, Level 2 Enchant for Jade and Level 3 Enchant for Red Topaz. Jewellery which provides a chance of an effect being triggered would only use a charge when the effect occurs.Maybe the experience gained will be lowerThe different jewellery able to be crafted out of silver bars and semi-precious gems will be scattered throughout the low to mid levels of Crafting, with the lowest. The experience gained will be just lower than what gold jewellery offers at similar levels.

Although there are still many questions need to solve about the update of silver jewellery in old school runescape, we believe it will become an perfect change finally. Since there will be a new round of updates in OSRS, you can buy cheap osrs gold on RSGOLDFAST cheap RS Gold to save up to $10 for you.The RSGOLDFAST Team Top 4 Tips of Winning in High Stakes Last Man Standing
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