The top films of Keanu Reeves

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The top films of Keanu Reeves

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motion picture Keanu Reeves is one of the favourite Google search keywords. Keanu Reeves' films always make fans wait and see. If you are a big fan of Keanu Reeves then you cannot ignore this article.
Introducing the master Keanu Reeves
Normally, each person will possess a special skill of their own. However, there are cases when there are people who are born with tremendous talent. No one else, Keanu Reeves is one of those masterly people. He is not only a director but also an actor, a producer and a multi-talented musician.
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Keanu Reeves was born in 1964 and is now 55 years old, but his hard work is still in the works. It can be said that he is a famous Canadian artist and is almost known to fans all over the world. In 2006, he was voted one of the 10 most well liked people in American magazine Etonline. This is just one of the prestigious awards he has received.
Keanu Reeves' line of work path
Keanu Reeves started his artistic day job early. Right from the age of 9 he had his own role in the play Damn Yankees. Following that, he also continued his acting activities on stage. His hit appearance on the screen was when he participated in the play Hangin’In on Canadian CBC television. Also from here, he participated in advertisements and increasingly appeared on the lens.
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The film prime starred by Keanu Reeves is Youngblood. After the movie's success, he started to go further, Keanu Reeves began to trackway to Hollywood. Although in his hometown of Canada, he has achieved some achievements for himself, but when it came to cinema, his name also struggled to rise. The elite Keanu Reeves godfather is Paul Aaron (his stepfather). Stepfather Keanu Reeves is now the director. From there, he quickly joined other pictures such as: My Own Private Idaho, Point Break, Bills Ted’s Exellent Adventure, ...
It was not until 1994, the peak of Keanu Reeves' line of work. Now he shines when he plays the character Jack Traven in the motion picture Speed ​​(Speed). Although this was a picture that brought him to the peak of glory, he did not choose to continue the second part but chose another film.
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From here, every motion picture with the participation of Keanu Reeves will become a famous legend and much expected by many people.
Keanu Reeves' movies fans must know
Since starting his top role to date, he has participated in more than 70 films with many different roles. Normally, his roles in each motion picture have a different personality, a different style. Keanu Reeves' movies are diverse in field and content. Therefore, we are increasingly seeing his talent and recognizing it.
For the most part, the movies he participated in were action movies, fiction with many different emotions. We can take a look at some famous pictures that Keanu Reeves starred in:
Speed ​​- 1994
The Matrix - 1999
Constantine - 2005
Street Kings - 2008
47 Ronin - 2013
Assassin John Wick - 2014
Assassin John Wick: Part 2 - 2017
Assassin John Wick: Part 3 - Preparing for war in 2019
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