Give Aways Strategy is Best to Boost the Local Web Marketing

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Give Aways Strategy is Best to Boost the Local Web Marketing

Postby maxthomas » 11 May 2020, 08:16

Small or large business, competition is only increasing with the rise of online commerce and new methods of online shopping. However, several methods exist to improve your online visibility and facilitate your establishment in the web world. Here are 3 tips to improve yourself:

Tip # 1: Start by thinking "local"
Thinking big is good, but don't rush! To ensure relevant visibility, rather facilitate local visibility, which focuses on the region of action to start with. You will surely have less competitor and your customers will surely be more concrete. Locating your business on the Internet this will favor your action target thanks to simple tools & the giveaways is the best option for it. Here are some examples :

The Google API
A simple, free tool that allows you to display all your contact details and the information you want to improve targeting and appear first when a user searches for your business and all this with the API "Google my business" (Google My Business). Google is currently the best way to improve your visibility with users in your region, especially through "Google Maps".

Customer satisfaction
A customer satisfaction necessarily cause a significant impact in the selection of a user purchase. According to a survey , 90% of consumers say online comments have an impact on their decision-making when making a purchase. Platforms such as "YELP" and "Tripadvisor" allow Internet users to give opinions and comments on stores and products, and these platforms give high visibility and a consistent reputation for the product / store. They also allow improvements to be made according to the opinions and comments of Internet users. Few companies also take help from the coupons for attracting the customers.

Web directories
Company lists and directories such as in France are not to be neglected, it is a good alternative to make yourself known locally . Local business directories are organized by category and city and help search engines know what types of products and services your business offers.

Tip # 2: social media
It is the most accessible means of communication these days, they are present in almost everyone and it is difficult to do without them. The importance of social networks should not be overlooked in order to interact with your customers and above all display and promote the identity of your company.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Facebook is the most used social network with 1.59 billion active users (including 30 million in France). You therefore need to have a Facebook page that will serve as a real showcase for your business. You will be able to display all the information and contact details you want, and share a lot of content (photo, video, etc.). Social networks can allow you to be referenced naturally if you do not have a website, your social networks will appear in priority whether it is Facebook, or others.
Warning ! : It is not enough to be everywhere, it is more important to be active and present where it is relevant.

These social networks give you the opportunity to create unique and original content in line with your brand image so that users share your content and increase your visibility through this "word of mouth".
Filling a Facebook page, or other is not enough to maintain a regular customer relationship. Do not hesitate to offer them contests, publish news regularly, by creating surveys. Offer anything that can maintain a relationship with your community and give them human contact.

Tip # 3: Create Partnerships
To return to tip # 1, start with the “local”. The ideal would be to look for partners in your area like companies or sports associations. You can create a partnership and offer to display your logo, or banners on their website, offer content sharing exchanges etc ...
Take advantage of partnerships to promote each other via social networks, organize events together in your region and attract new customers.
The goal of partnerships and to further improve your visibility by looking for partners that are already well established on the web.
Foster partnerships because, in the eyes of search engines, the more your name is mentioned the more your value is, which does not mean that it must be mentioned anywhere. Remember that the most important thing is to be mentioned often, in strategic and relevant places.

The evolution of the web and its many communication methods allow small businesses to make a profit, too, by focusing on local targeted marketing. You now have the opportunity to weave your web on the web with these three tips that can help you get started. However, the web is constantly evolving and being used by Internet users, so stay active so as not to get lost.
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Re: Give Aways Strategy is Best to Boost the Local Web Marke

Postby JeanetteWard » 14 May 2020, 02:21

Thank you! That's really catchy.
I'd like to add some info regarding Instagram as it became a solid social network. According to Statista data for 2019, the largest segment of the audience is equally men and women 25-34 years old, they make up 34% of users. Another 31% are boys and girls aged 18-24, quite a suitable target audience for inexpensive goods.

You can make an Instagram account as a stand-alone store. Selling, communicating with customers, publishing engaging content, running ads inside the social network - the site is suitable for all tasks. Given the large, active, solvent audience, for example, growing it with the Instagram account is a must-have for business.
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Re: Give Aways Strategy is Best to Boost the Local Web Marke

Postby miledon » 14 May 2020, 05:54

1. A professionally created site is a modern and necessary tool for the local web marketing:
•attracting and increasing customer flow;
•creating universal means of interacting with customers;
•improve customer service;
•communication and exchange of information;
•brand promotion;
•creating a positive business reputation and loyalty of potential customers;
•creating the correct presentation of the company on the Internet;
•creating an advertising media platform.
Ordering a website from a web studio can take too much time and cost a lot of money. You can choose another way - use the site builder. It offers all the necessary tools to create a website for free!

2. Then you have to think about how to turn your business into a brand!

You must understand the essence of your business. This will help you stand out from the competition, clarify your message, create value and become a key element of your marketing campaigns.
The best way to understand how to turn your small business or online business into a brand is to learn from successful brands. Do in-depth research with a focus on your industry.

3.Start Promoting Your Company Online
This, along with the website, will strengthen your position on the Internet. There are a few things you can do at the very beginning:
•add the company to the Google Places list to “appear on the map”;
•optimize your site for search engines;
•start creating and managing pages on social networks;
•use forums, message boards, catalogs;
Use paid advertising: contextual advertising, targeted advertising on social networks, teaser and banner advertising, retargeting, etc.
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