(NA) Ollo - West for Closed Beta - Sanctuary Guild

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(NA) Ollo - West for Closed Beta - Sanctuary Guild

Postby Sanctuary » 04 Aug 2014, 21:46


Our motto is "Dare to Believe"


A NA crafting, PvP, 3rd Continent Expedition-Guild, plans to be very pro-social with a spirit of altruism covering its value-system. At our core, we seek to have helpful players who enjoy teamwork.

Target Population: 200 (on launch) - West - Ollo (Server) starting CBE2 or East - Naima (CBE1 founded), for CBE3 was are asking for Ollo-West to be our primary zone.

apply on website: www.sanctuary2014.guildlaunch.com

We also have a facebook page:

Alpha Server: NA
Beta Server: Ollo-West
Launch Server: North America
Faction: Western
Recruitment Status: Open - No restrictions
Guild Trait most Valued: Helpfulness
Guild type: Casual to hard-core.
Recruitment Requirements: Website application (preferred but optional atm)
Active Times: 3 PM - 1 AM EST (Peak), always somebody on.
Ethics: We kick dramatic people without warning.


1. To recruit an active guild that is active, helpful and experiments in all areas in Beta

2. To find members who are interested in Crafting & Role Playing

3. To make families (8 member teams) in the guild that are strong and carry over into Launch.

4. To explore the world, do PvE and find your favorite combo-class

5. To farm, accomplish trade runs

6. To make alliances with other guilds, and form friendly rivalries as well

7. To found a castle on the 3rd continent and try Sieges

Come and check out our Pre-Beta guild-site, and apply if you feel like you'd be a good fit with us.

In Beta, we are on Naima Server, East. We have 20 players after the first 3-day event.


We plan to be quite ambitious, and accept casual and hard-core members both. We want to make full use of the sandbox feel of the game and go fully into crafting and enjoy the game and not simply power-level for the sake of it. That being said, we do want a Castle and the best sort of Expedition housing set-up possible and to participate in PvP and sieges.


This makes the guild a lot more intimate, we will be likely using RaidCall, the sound quality is excellent and it's free. While it's not mandatory that you have a mic, it would be awesome to hear your voice from time to time

Website Participation:

We do hope to build a close-knit group with shared resources, both information and otherwise, as such the website will function as hub to connection us through different time-zones and across time.


We do want to have specialists of all sorts, people who barter their goods and share their expertise with others. As such, if you love crafting you'll fit in very well with us.


We'd like to have in-faction tournaments of all kinds based on classes and Finals for all classes. Duels hopefully are fun and aren't just a question of who hits first or who has better ping, but you never know, nothing is perfect. Class balancing aside, this would be fun. Sieges too, we'll see.


Many of us will be doing the 4 day head-start thing, see you there.


We enjoy imaginative people who can 'get into character' and make things more immersive, as such we are RP friendly. We welcome true D&D players and people who know what being in a sandbox is about, and not simply here to kill things.


We want a community where helping each other comes very high and creating community spirit is paramount, therefore we want to create an inclusive community with a minimum of power hungry, domineering or manipulative players. We would rather have an immersive intimate core, than have a huge bunch of random players.

Unique Names:

Please choose a Unique name for your character, strongly prefer you put some thought into your Avatar as well to look unique and different. When you register on our Guild launch, please use the name you plan to use in the game for your main character, thank you.


We will be seeking unique Islands, 3rd Continent Land, and Marketplace Dominance, we will be founded on the Eastern Continent. We will be trading and exploiting the marketplace demand.

Unique Guild Titles:

We will have many unique Lore-driven roles and titles with an RP-heavy website, that will drive our immersive community.
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Re: (NA) Ollo - West for Closed Beta - Sanctuary Guild

Postby zizepifa » 30 Jul 2018, 06:43

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Re: (NA) Ollo - West for Closed Beta - Sanctuary Guild

Postby camike » 21 Dec 2018, 04:16

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