Maplestory M Mesos Releases Massive

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Maplestory M Mesos Releases Massive

Postby Sletrry » 14 Jan 2019, 03:42

MapleStory M, the newest leader to play MMORPG in Maple World's lively and illustrious setting, officially hit a million downloaded balances only 1 week after its launch. MapleStory M is available for downloading worldwide on Nexon Launcher and buy MaplestoryM Mesos .

Since its official launch, MapleStory M has become the biggest MMORPG on Steam and a game loved by a million gamers due to its infinite customization, challenges and fun community. Due to its rapid expansion, in which the participant population continues to exceed expectations, the game proceeds to increase its servers, particularly the how to buy maplestory m mesos.

To commemorate the occasion, MapleStory M will perform many events related to the accomplishments and thank your players.One Million Players Celebrating Events ofMapleStory M:Dual Bonus Event: By Friday, October 19, and till Friday, October 26, players may make double bonus items from regular experience dungeons.

Special weekend login occasion: By Saturday through Monday, October 22, players with level 60 characters will have the opportunity. Players who access between Saturday, Sunday, and October 20, October 21, will get a Crate Style. Players accessing Sunday, Monday, and October 21, October 22, will get 500 Red Merets. Find other details ..

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