Fallout 76 is updated with a lot of changes and improvements

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Fallout 76 is updated with a lot of changes and improvements

Postby game5mmo » 31 Jan 2019, 05:56

buy Fallout 76 Caps Bethesda has launched a new update of Fallout 76 both in PC and its versions of PS4 and Xbox One. This patch seeks to implement several adjustments of balance and balance in the game as well as solve a "huge wave" of errors and Other problems that still exist in this multiplayer RPG.

One of them has to do with the weight of the forks. When the game was put on sale many complained that the forks weighed much more than they should. To give you an idea wearing over sixty was equivalent to a mini nuke something quite problematic in a game in which inventory is so important.

The patch has a weight of approximately 3.5 GB for PS4 and Xbox One while PC weighs 500 MB. Among other changes Bethesda has limited the maximum load weight to 680 kilos over the current load weight of the character. This means that if the current load weight is 96 kilos cheap Fallout 76 Atoms its maximum will now be 775 kilos.

It is not the only detail that the patch has returned to the original values according to several users; It has also happened with the ratio of appearance of fusion cores in the workshops necessary for the fuel armor to have fuel and with the glitch duping an exploit that allows replicating objects in the inventory.

In addition the labels "Known" and "Property" have been added along with the recipes plans and turrets that your character has already learned or created. To round out the update there is a set of balance changes for certain advantages and weapons as well as a long list of bug fixes.

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Re: Fallout 76 is updated with a lot of changes and improvem

Postby milton5 » 12 Feb 2019, 10:29

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