bulk core-spun yarn iron powder

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bulk core-spun yarn iron powder

Postby d80wbx » 21 Feb 2019, 00:28

Manufacturing good quality electrode iron powder, we can also give you the quotation consultation service. Welcome to buy discount and customized bulk electrode iron powder made in China at low price with us through the website or directly contact our factory.
Iron; electrode on the impact of basic iron welding rod coating efficiency of each component of welding fume generation rate, the test was found to increase dramatically the amount of dust with the rod electrode coating in CaCO3 MgCO3, increase, CaF2 content, CaF2 of by dust rate is greater than CaCO3 and MgCO3, the electrode increases the amount of dust coating the TiO2 content gradually decreases. in order to improve the toughness of the weld metal, focusing on the effects of chemical composition on the toughness of the weld, the study found w (Mn ) content of the good toughness can be obtained when 1.1% to 1.5%, while the Si content increases, toughness decreased, the general should be controlled at 0.55% or less by adding Ni to weld and B, Ti composite role, low temperature impact toughness of the weld can be further improvedbulk core-spun yarn iron powder
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