Lux Arcana is recruiting dedicated casual players - EU Eanna

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Lux Arcana is recruiting dedicated casual players - EU Eanna

Postby Aurie » 21 Sep 2014, 14:53


So what's 'dedicated casual'?

By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the Guild. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. We recognise that there's a world outside there and don't look to our members to be online 24/7.

We are a European Guild that prides itself on the honourable and mature behaviour of its members, having worked hard to gain a reputation as a Guild whose word can be trusted.

We accept all levels of player: from those who are Alpha vets to players who have only just discovered ArcheAge! We do, though, expect all of our members to be actively wanting to improve their personal PvP ability, and to work hard to achieve this.

Objectives and Guild features
  • Provide a long-term home for the 'dedicated casual' player based in the UK and Europe
  • Get involved in as much as we possibly can
  • Highly organised and determined
  • Guild Village, Town and City goals
  • Top Eanna Guild

Key information

  • Races: Nuians and Elves only at this time
  • Focus: PvP, PvE, Trading, Crafting
  • Time Zone: European (English speaking)
  • Clan size: 80+
  • Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!
  • Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing
  • Web Site: Lux Arcana Gaming Community
  • Voicecomms: Required (we currently use Mumble)


We Accept
New and experienced ArcheAge and non-ArcheAge gamers who are:
  • mature/18+
  • casual but dedicated players who like to play hard when they can
  • used to grouping, contributing and getting involved in a Guild
Highly Desirable
  • Active and skilled PvPers
  • Players with no PvP skill but willing to work hard to learn and improve
  • Players that are creative or have strong organisational skills
  • Players that show a passion for the game, for helping the Guild and fellow members and for getting things done!
Not acceptable
  • Players who avoid PvP and who only want to PvE/craft or solo play
  • Players that whine, complain and do not accept clan policy
  • Players only out for themselves who worry about getting "their share"
Apply via this link or send a PM on these forums to 'Aurie' with any questions.
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Re: Lux Arcana is recruiting dedicated casual players - EU E

Postby Aurie » 21 Jan 2015, 11:01

Recruitment is open again!

Check us out at:
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Postby pikachu88 » 11 Feb 2019, 07:44

Your article has made me experience and deeply impressed, I hope you will have more interesting articles in the near future to share with readers.
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