5 elemental rings quest in solis, killing captain Planey.

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5 elemental rings quest in solis, killing captain Planey.

Postby sleepyjode » 24 Sep 2014, 23:21

A little guide on the quest. but also in need of help to complete it.

So there are 5 different types of elemental monsters that each drop a ring.

From what I've found they appear at different times of the day and it corresponds to their name. The rings and monsters are as follows:
Heart Energy Ring - Held by Aeternus Companion. They are found at the far western edge of Solis, at Stormester Plateau. Any time

Water Energy Ring - Held by Duskwater Elemental at Ashbreath Shore. 18:00

Fire Energy Ring - Held by Dawnfire Elementals west of Dusk Hillock. 05:00

Earth Energy Ring - Carried by Nightsoil Elementals at Queensridge. 00:00

Wind Energy Ring - Daywind Elementals have it near Queensridge as well. 12:00

The monsters last for about 2 hours after these times.
Now when you get the rings you take them to the sealstone located at Stormester Plateau, found just after crossing the bridge to the left.
Here is where it gets tricky and the problems begin.
When summoning Captain Planey, your rings are used and disappear, so to repeat you must collect them again. He has a buff that means he will only last 3 minutes.
The main issue is that you can't deal any real damage. Only 1's and 2's, and this won't kill him in the 3 minutes. I don't know the way to beat him.
Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks :D
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