ID: 23495
Stellar Scarecrow Farm Kit

Binds on Pickup
Item level: 1

Installs a fully-built Stellar Scarecrow Farm in a Housing Province. The scarecrow is located at the edge of the farm to give more planting space.

Dimensions: 16 m x 16 m
Decor Limit: 100 items

Returned via mail if building is demolished. Return will be delayed 22 hours if the removal is due to unpaid taxes. Can't be sold once placed.

Caution: Can be purchased only once per account and can't be traded.

123Socket Lunagem:

- Security Deposit: 20 Tax Certificates
- Taxes: 10 Tax Certificates

Pay the security deposit and taxes to place a house. The security deposit equals 2 weekly tax payments, and will be returned when the building is demolished.
(Not returned if the building is removed because of late payments.)

Tax rates increase based on the number of buildings you own per server, as well as local tax rates. Taxes are charged weekly. Can't be placed on severe slopes or obstacles. Any objects within the construction perimeters, including plants and trade packs, will be destroyed.

Cannot Sell

Salvageable materials:
- Ferocious Memory Shard (1 - 10)

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arby 15-06-2015 19:06

OK, so my question is... is it a freaking top secret that only one or two people are allowed to know to as to where to obtain this stuff? I mean seriously, you went to all the time to input everything else and can't be assed to tell people how to get it, what's that about? This site is both awesome and total crap at the same time in almost every entry.

Admin 15-06-2015 21:19

We do not input the data manually. It's imported from the game client. And unfortunately it doesn't contains any drop tables. We were lucky enough to obtain some drop data elsewhere, but it doesn't contains drop sources for every item anyway. Also keep in mind that some items could be in the game client but in disabled state. And we can't filter those automatically.

In other words, this certain item could be cash only/disabled/test item. That's why no sources are listed for it.


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