ID: 28754
Battle Pet
Polaris Ursun

Req. Level: 1 ~ icon1
Binds on Pickup
Item level: 1

Though cute and cuddly with his master, this bear is a fierce force on the battlefield. You can't saddle this kind of ferocity.
The Polaris Ursun has the following skills:
Lv20: Strong Blow
Lv25: Health Regen or Welling Health
Lv30: Guard Dog or Your Mother Was a Hamster
Lv35: Overrun or Slam
Lv40: Berserk or Toughen

123Socket Lunagem:

Summons a pet.

icon - Polaris Ursun

Price:gold 5silver00bronze00
Cannot Sell

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Jaguar 7-03-2015 13:33

This pet can have various skills upon successfully raising one.   

I've seen 2 different kinds of taunts for certain on 2 different polar bears.


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