ID: 1140
icon Contamination Retaliation daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Meeting Haman


Start NPC: Storehouse Keeper Katra
End NPC: Storehouse Keeper Katra
Quest text:
You're the one who's been fighting back against the raiders? You should also look into the Redmane Gnoll Leaders at the Gnoll Den.Storehouse Keeper Katra: There's an old Narayan saying: If the oasis is befouled, the Clan will suffer losses.
Storehouse Keeper Katra: The gnoll den nearby contaminates the pure waters of the oasis. That's why we were attacked; teaching their leader a lesson should convince them to move elsewhere.
Storehouse Keeper Katra: Well done! With the leader gone, the gnolls will flee, and the oasis--and our Clan--will be safe again.
Level: 6
Repeat count: 1

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