ID: 1254
icon The Necromancer's Face daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Seller of Souls

  • XP 980
  • Coins silver 1bronze52
Quest items

Start NPC: Great Shaman Grell
End NPC: Clan Bodyguard Meph
Quest text:
Great Shaman Grell: There's a group of traveling Harani merchants nearby--the Jackpot Clan. They recently left the Falcorth Plains, and I suspect they may be behind the recent rise in necromancy there. I have been following them closely.
Great Shaman Grell: Grell
Great Shaman Grell: I must return to Cloudgrain at once. You take this Wineskin to bribe Clan Bodyguard Meph. Discover anything you can about the clan's involvement in necromancy, then meet me at the Automaton Factory. But my friend... you must be careful.
Great Shaman Grell: Grell
Mahra Saro: Many necromancers worship Kyrios, the God of Destruction. Though the Dread God is vanquished, his general, Anthalon, is a powerful necromancer in his own right. His army of undead still rules the lost continent, and ever seeks ways to invade our lands.
Clan Bodyguard Meph: I don't smell no liquor, but I smell shiny coin. Who sent? That's not really important, is it? What's important is whether you want it or not, and what you know about the clan's involvement with necromancy.
Clan Bodyguard Meph: Oh, I want! I'm a bodyguard. I know everything!
Level: 10
Repeat count: 1

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