ID: 1257
icon Seller of Souls daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Golgi's Curse

  • XP 980
  • Coins silver 1bronze52

Start NPC: Clan Bodyguard Meph
End NPC: Clan Leader Zihai
Quest text:
Clan Bodyguard Meph: Clan Leader Zihai can wake the dead. Or curse people. He keeps... a thing... right outside his tent. Made of human bones. To help him do it.
Clan Bodyguard Meph: Zihai's personal bodyguard, Jaus, is real strong. And he hates cats. Be careful, fur-stalker.
Clan Leader Zihai: Who are you? Meph was hired to keep out the riff-raff, not let them wander about! If you want to make a sale or a purchase, go talk to one of my associates! What do you know about the undead at the Eye of Night? And be honest--I can gouge out your eyes faster than you can start screaming.
Clan Leader Zihai: They're not mine, if that's what you're intimating. I make no secrets about my powers, but I'd never soil myself resurrecting savages like you.
Clan Leader Zihai: Necromancer Zihai
Level: 10
Repeat count: 1

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