ID: 1366
icon Fire Fighter daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
To Cloudgrain Village

  • XP 800
  • Coins silver 1bronze04
Quest items

Start NPC: Refugee Juhe
End NPC: Refugee Juhe
Quest text:
Refugee Juhe: If I promise to direct you to the cave, will you help us? We need to contain this fire before it's too late!
Refugee Juhe: Take these Water Pails, and use them to put out the burning tents. There's no sense fighting for our village if the whole plain is burned to ashes!
Refugee Juhe: I'd love to help you, but a recent Schima raid has left our refugee camp in ruins. The Oxion warriors are doing their best to drive off the Schima's henchmen, but our homes are still burning while they fight.
Refugee Juhe: Our homes may be lost, but at least we stopped the fire from spreading to the surrounding fields. Thank you, stranger. And don't worry; I'll still help you, as promised.
Level: 7
Repeat count: 1

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