ID: 1572
icon Golgi's Curse daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Souleye Searching


Start NPC: Clan Leader Zihai
End NPC: Great Shaman Grell
Quest text:
Clan Leader Zihai: Don't believe me? I channel all of my resurrections through the Golgi Device. Have a look for yourself, and you'll see I have nothing to do with your complaints.
Clan Leader Zihai: Necromancer Zihai
Great Shaman Grell: Ah... the Golgi Device. That is a gruesome artifact indeed, but I don't believe it has the power to create the number of undead we're seeing on the plains. I had thought that perhaps Zihai had managed to find the Souleye.
Great Shaman Grell: Grell The Souleye? You mean the mythical gem the bards sing about? "When the stone bright as darkness comes, life's life and death's death will all be undone"?
Great Shaman Grell: The Souleye is no myth. It is the treasure of the Firran people, and an incredibly powerful artifact. But it has been stolen, and its guardians are desperate to recover it. That is why I have left our homeland. That is why I need your help.
Great Shaman Grell: Grell
Clan Leader Zihai: Jaus! Quick! While the savage is distracted!
Clan Leader Zihai: Necromancer Zihai
Clan Leader Zihai: Kill it! It's trying to steal my things! These creatures are nothing but thieves!
Clan Leader Zihai: Necromancer Zihai
Level: 11
Repeat count: 1

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