ID: 1574
icon Facing the Mahra daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Trials Begin


Start NPC: Sorami
End NPC: Mahra Abaran
Quest text:
Sorami: You're a bit late. Lucky for you, so is everyone else! I have time to squeeze you in right now for your blessing. Head down the southern path, and speak to Mahra Abaran.
Sorami: I look forward to being your official tribemate when this is all over. Your strength will be a blessing to the Whisperwinds. Now get going; you don't want to keep the Mahra waiting!
Mahra Abaran: Player. I was hoping to see you today.
Mahra Abaran: You have done much for our tribe in these last few years. I have seen your courage and tenacity, and am proud to be your Mahra. May your fur be full of wind, and your stomach full of meat.
Dasgal: All right, all right. If you two are done, let's get to the combat.Mahra Abaran, I have come to take the Bejant Trials and be accepted as a full member of the tribe.
Level: 2
Repeat count: 1

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