ID: 2326
icon Ghosts in the Mist daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Into the Deep

  • XP 860
  • Coins silver 1bronze19

Start NPC: Ellen
End NPC: Warrior Sotah
Quest text:
Ellen: Most recently, Warrior Sotah entered the Mistfiend's lair, hoping to save his friend Belethe. He staked our tribe's honor on his success. Go. Help him. You're Warrior Sotah. Have you faced the Mistfiends yet?
Warrior Sotah: I did. They filled my bones with a chill the likes of which I've never felt before. I could barely move; barely breathe. It was all I could do to escape with my life. I never found my friend.
Level: 8
Repeat count: 1

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