ID: 2354
icon A Morbid Memento daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Path of Vengeance


Start NPC: Security Officer Agna
End NPC: Tattooist Orphe
Quest text:
Security Officer Agna: I'm afraid there weren't many survivors. If you lived in Hatora, you're welcome to look through the carts for your loved ones' possessions. But if you find anything… it means the owner never came to collect it. I'm sorry.
Security Officer Agna: AgnaYuelli's memento box... It looks like there's a note hidden inside!
Security Officer Agna: It's an ambush! Defend yourself!
Security Officer Agna: Agna I found Yuelli's box in the cart. She's dead, isn't she? My family, too.
Tattooist Orphe: I didn't have the heart to tell you myself. I hear the Shadowhawks questioned everyone who admitted to knowing you. And when no one could tell them where you'd hidden that Iron Crescent... Well... Haman isn't known for his mercy.
Tattooist Orphe: Orphe That bastard. He betrayed me, and left me for dead in Serpent's Pass. Now he's taken my family, my friends... everything I loved. I swear, one day I will kill him for this!
Tattooist Orphe: Revenge is no easy path, friend. But with my son dead, I can see no other path to take. I will help you, if I can.
Tattooist Orphe: Orphe
Level: 8
Repeat count: 1

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