ID: 2425
icon The Madame's Mansion daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Dark Evidence

  • XP 1240
  • Coins silver 2bronze33

Start NPC: Eltere
End NPC: Bijou
Quest text:
Eltere: I think you should talk to Madame Bijou. She got rich dealing in stolen goods; she may have heard about the theft of the Souleye, or even helped fence it.
Eltere: Eltere
Eltere: Just head up the stairs to the terrace. That's where Bijou's house is. She's got quite a view of the city from up there.
Eltere: Eltere I heard you're knowledgeable about the black market. I need information on any magic jewels that may have been bought or sold recently. Especially anything relating to the power over life and death.
Bijou: Oh! A Player! Please excuse the mess; we're having some troubles right now, but our business is still very much open. What can I do for you?
Bijou: I haven't seen any magic jewels lately--though I have some fantastic haunted dolls in stock--but life and death? Well! Does my house being overrun with undead count?
Level: 14
Repeat count: 1

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