ID: 3438
icon Unexpected Blessing daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Last Spirit

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Cheamin
End NPC: Great Shaman Grell
Quest text:
Cheamin: Burn some Purifying Incense at the Guardian Spirit's Censer and we shall see if the Wind God responds to your plea.
Cheamin: The Wind God! M'lord! I roar in your honor.Is this bow for me?
Cheamin: It can't be! My years at this lake, and never a trace of His presence! What did he say to you? Quickly, you must return to Great Shaman Grell at once!
Great Shaman Grell: That bow... I don't believe my eyes!
Level: 5
Repeat count: 1

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