ID: 3442
icon Mechanical Menace daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Lake of Living Death

  • XP 920
  • Coins silver 1bronze36

Start NPC: Warrior Sotah
End NPC: Apprentice Shaman Vivhir
Quest text:
Warrior Sotah: I've heard rumors of an Unknown Machine on the lake's bank; perhaps it somehow drove the mistfiends to violence?
Warrior Sotah: Sotah
Shaman Khoi: Apprentice Shaman Vivhir had the same thought. Foolish child went to investigate, and hasn't been heard from since. Player, while we work on clearing the cave, can you check on Vivhir and this machine?
Warrior Sotah: They were dormant in those caves for generations. But lately, they've been restless and hostile. Perhaps all the undead stirred them up... or perhaps it has something to do with the Eye of Night.
Warrior Sotah: Sotah
Apprentice Shaman Vivhir: Don't bother fooling with the machine again. As I hope you can see, it's not the real problem around here. The problem is that magic circle beneath the machine.
Apprentice Shaman Vivhir: It's a transportation circle, but it's powered by dark magic. Only a necromancer could have cast one that size. That machine probably wandered through the portal by mistake.
Apprentice Shaman Vivhir: Vivhir
Level: 9
Repeat count: 1

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