ID: 3443
icon Lake of Living Death daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
In the Footsteps of Greatness


Start NPC: Apprentice Shaman Vivhir
End NPC: Otilla
Quest text:
Apprentice Shaman Vivhir: It's the Reanimated Firran that are the real problem. They were deliberately sent here through that portal; I'm sure of it. Such evil... no wonder the mistfiends started acting up.
Apprentice Shaman Vivhir: We have to root out who raised these corpses. I'm only an apprentice; my magic isn't strong enough to kill them, and my muscles certainly aren't. Perhaps you can kill a few and gather some evidence, then take it to Otilla. She'll know what to do.
Otilla: Yes? What can I do for you? I found these pieces of parchment on the undead in the Eye of Night. The apprentice shaman thought you might be able to read them.
Otilla: Hmmm... These runes are used to sustain the undead, and direct them even when their master isn't there. But I don't know enough necromancy to sort out who summoned them. Much of this writing is unclear to me. I was sent here by the Great Shaman, Grell. Do you think he might be able to decipher them?
Level: 9
Repeat count: 1

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