ID: 3444
icon In the Footsteps of Greatness daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:

  • XP 920
  • Coins silver 1bronze36

Start NPC: Otilla
End NPC: Shaman Habba
Quest text:
Otilla: Grell? He was here just a few hours ago, on his way to the Tigerspine Mountains! He's fought the necromancers for years; I'm sure he could read these runes. If you're going to follow him, you should go speak to Shaman Habba, first.
Shaman Habba: Ah, so you're the warrior Grell sent to face the Mistfiends. I must admit, I'm a little jealous. Ever since the Great Shaman came back from his journey abroad, he's been more interested in his work than the people he used to call friends.
Level: 9
Repeat count: 1

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