ID: 3449
icon Cocoon daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Windwhips' Chest


Start NPC: Dropped Satchel
End NPC: Eltere
Quest text:
It's badly damaged--almost illegible--but it looks like whoever this backpack belonged to was hoping to mount a rescue... of people trapped in Giant Spider Cocoons?A damaged diary lies buried at the bottom of the pack.Freed Eltere: I was trying to rescue all the travelers the spiders had captured as prey... turns out the spiders didn't appreciate that too much. I need to get this sticky spider goop off--meet you at the Junkyard?
Freed Eltere: Eltere
Freed Eltere: Wowza! Never thought I'd see the light of day again! Or in this forest, the light of gloom.
Freed Eltere: Eltere
Eltere: Gods, it feels good to stretch my limbs again! I should really repay you somehow. What do you need? You name it, it's yours! Heh. I don't suppose you have any legendary gemstones on you?
Eltere: Like the Souleye? You're the second person to mention that recently. Of course, the first were the Windwhips, which made sense, because they're tasked with guarding it and it just disappeared.
Level: 12
Repeat count: 1

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