ID: 3450
icon A New Agreement daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Tracking Grell

  • XP 1840
  • Coins silver 3bronze80

Start NPC: Windwhip Kerkumin
End NPC: Investigator Armedea
Quest text:
Windwhip Kerkumin: I give you my word we won't attack you again; we can't risk damaging the Souleye. But Austera is a large city, and you are a stranger. Speak with Investigator Armedea before you go. She can help you find whoever you're looking for.
Windwhip Kerkumin: There are many Windwhips in Austera. Please check in with Redbeard Captain Javier before you leave, just so we know that you and the Souleye are safe. Do this, and we won't interfere again--unless the Souleye is in danger.
Investigator Armedea: A Firran named Grell, hmm? He's not a native to this area. Let me check my records; see if we've noticed anyone by that name passing through recently...
Level: 20
Repeat count: 1

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