ID: 3456
icon Cutting the Code daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Serving Duty

  • XP 1520
  • Coins silver 2bronze78

Start NPC: Merchant Kamona
End NPC: Valdomero
Quest text:
Merchant Kamona: I can't just make you a Shadowhawk! You've done us a favor, but that doesn't gain you instant membership! There are rules! You can't be serious. But you are, aren't you? All right; who am I to judge?
Merchant Kamona: Kamona
Merchant Kamona: Step one: find our base near the city's northeastern wall, and answer the bouncer's riddle: "Poke your fingers in my eyes to open wide my jaws; linen, quills, or paper, my greed devours all."
Merchant Kamona: Kamona
Tavern Guard Armahad: You're a new face. And an ugly one. But you're clear to enter. If you're looking for Valdomero, he got tired of the noise and headed to his office upstairs.
Valdomero: A Player. But you don't wear the mark of a Shadowhawk. Are you lost? This is not a good place to be lost in. I'd like to join your organization. To replace one of your more inept members.
Valdomero: Where did you get your pretty armor, kitty? Was it a gift? A purchase? Something you made for yourself? We are thieves. And we do not take kindly to law-abiding spies.
Level: 16
Repeat count: 1

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