ID: 3467
icon Tracking Grell daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Unexpected Meetings


Start NPC: Investigator Armedea
End NPC: Grell
Quest text:
Investigator Armedea: I can't find any records on him. Either he didn't pass this way, or he's excellent at staying undercover. You should look around Austera's Port Plaza, though. It's easy to hide among the crowds.
Grell: By the Wind God's blessing, you've made it. I thought you'd been killed, until I heard the rumors coming out of Mahadevi. Did you find the jewel only, or did you manage to recover its keystone as well? The jewel only; it had no keystone. I'd show you, but I'm worried about the Windwhips snatching it. They tried to physically force me to give them the Souleye, then tried to talk me into it. They're probably watching right now.
Level: 20
Repeat count: 1

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