ID: 3468
icon Unexpected Meetings daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Souleye's Power

  • XP 2000
  • Coins silver 4bronze36

Start NPC: Grell
End NPC: Redbeard Captain Javier
Quest text:
Grell: You were right to come to me with this... but although we may not like their methods, the Windwhips are right as well. We will eventually return the Souleye to them--but only to a high-ranking member.
Grell: If you were told to check in with Captain Javier, do so. But do not relinquish the jewel. They lost it once; I won't let them lose it again. It's safer with you until it can be returned to its proper resting place.
Redbeard Captain Javier: To actually meet the one holding the legendary Souleye! The honor is mine.
Redbeard Captain Javier: Even more, to hear you are willing to return it to the Windwhips to guard; that is welcome news indeed. Nalyn, our leader, will be relieved beyond belief.
Redbeard Captain Javier: Javier
Level: 22
Repeat count: 1

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