ID: 3469
icon The Souleye's Power daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:

  • XP 2000
  • Coins silver 4bronze36
Quest items

Start NPC: Redbeard Captain Javier
End NPC: Redbeard Captain Javier
Quest text:
Redbeard Captain Javier: I know you've heard a great deal about the power of the Souleye. But I'd like you to see it for yourself. To know why we've been so desperate to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.
Redbeard Captain Javier: Javier
Redbeard Captain Javier: Weeks ago, a fisherman named Orian drowned at sea. But just this morning, he staggered up out of the water. He doesn't speak, he lumbers about, and he smells as if rotting. Use the Souleye to help him rest in peace.
Redbeard Captain Javier: Javier
Redbeard Captain Javier: Necromancy. I suspected as much. Even more insidious, the necromancer hid Orian's rotting corpse under the guise of his former appearance. Only the Souleye could have revealed this deception.
Level: 22
Repeat count: 1

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