ID: 3474
icon Meeting Nalyn daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Souleye's Return

  • XP 2333
  • Coins silver 5bronze28

Start NPC: Sudeya
End NPC: Nalyn
Quest text:
Sudeya: One theft in two thousand years is a pretty good record, but yes, it won't happen again. Nalyn is waiting for you--and the Souleye--on the second floor of our secret headquarters: the inn.
Nalyn: A pleasure to meet you, warrior of the plains. Finder of the Souleye. You have my eternal gratitude for keeping our treasure safe.
Nalyn: Windwhip Nalyn
Grell: Don't worry, Player. I've explained our actions, our desire to save our homeland. They understand. They're not angry.
Level: 25
Repeat count: 1

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