ID: 3479
icon Into the Wind daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
An Old Friend


Start NPC: Sudeya
End NPC: Nalyn
Quest text:
Sudeya: Steady there, warrior! After you killed Enshaka, a light flared out of the Souleye. It consumed Grell, and then even the Souleye vanished within it. We thought it had stolen your life, as well.
Sudeya: And just when we need our warriors the most...
Nalyn: We owe you a great debt. Now that we know what we were up against, we may never have reclaimed the Souleye without you. It may be lost again for now, but true disaster was averted with the death of Enshaka.
Nalyn: Now we must strengthen the Windwhips. If we want the Souleye back, our power must exceed Enshaka's himself. In the meantime, Silent Forest is a mystical place. Perhaps there you can find a clue regarding the Souleye's whereabouts...
Level: 25
Repeat count: 1

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21-10-2020 08:36

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