ID: 3481
icon Trustworthy Rumors daily
Category: Firran Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Treebane Mysteries


Start NPC: Eltere
End NPC: Tane
Quest text:
Eltere: Naturally, some of those are just that--rumors--but some could be reliable! Powerful magic draws energy from other dimensions, and the Souleye seems to be trying to follow those threads of magic back into our world.
Eltere: Basically, people are glimpsing the Souleye whenever they use powerful magic. I came here to meet one of my contacts, Tane, but he was kidnapped by warlocks. If you rescue him, we can continue the investigation together!
Tane: It was so beautiful... Such perfect light! An abyss of purity! The eye of a soul!Tane, are you alright? What do you know about the Souleye?
Level: 28
Repeat count: 1

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