ID: 3511
icon A Pleasant Conversation daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Playing it Safe


Start NPC: Xosar
End NPC: Tattooist Orphe
Quest text:
Xosar: We've been searching for a rogue agent in these parts for some time. Go speak with Haman, on the cliffs above Serpent's Pass, and he'll pay you handsomely for this information.Thank you. I promised I'd speak to someone in Parchsun Settlement, first. But I'll go see Haman as soon as I can.
Xosar: You said your name was Player, right? From Hatora? I'll tell Haman to be expecting you. Don't keep him waiting too long.
Xosar: Shadowhawk Xosar
Tattooist Orphe: Haman is a high-ranking member of the Shadowhawks. It's because of him that my son is on the run. I implore you to use caution when dealing with these criminals.
Tattooist Orphe: Orphe
Level: 5
Repeat count: 1

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