ID: 3514
icon Honor Amongst Thieves daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Escape from Serpent's Pass

  • XP 800
  • Coins silver 1bronze04

Start NPC: Haman

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Haman: Don't play dumb with me! Vincencio had a box with him. I want what's in it. Give it to me, and you'll get your reward. Okay, okay! I have the box, but it's not here. I needed to know that we could make a deal. Calm down, and we can arrange some sort of exchange in a less... remote location.
Haman: Fine, you win. Let my men search you, and I'll know you're telling the truth. I'll even give you your reward up front. See? We can be friends, after all.
Haman's Lackey: No box here, Haman. What now?
Level: 7
Repeat count: 1

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