ID: 3516
icon Ruthless Tactics daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Morbid Memento

  • XP 860
  • Coins silver 1bronze19

Start NPC: Tattooist Orphe
End NPC: Security Officer Agna
Quest text:
Tattooist Orphe: I can't believe it. My son... dead… When I fled here, I thought I had escaped the killings in Hatora. But I've found even worse news. The gods have a cruel sense of humor. The Shadowhawks... killing people in Hatora... people who knew me. What about my family? My friends? Did they escape, too?
Tattooist Orphe: I don't know. By the time they started burning houses, everything was in chaos. Security Officer Agna is guarding a few of the refugee wagons, outside of town. You should check there. I… I need a moment.
Security Officer Agna: Stop. These wagons contain items from the towns of Parchsun and Hatora. They're for the survivors and their families only. I lived in Hatora, but I wasn't there when it was attacked.
Security Officer Agna: Then you're one of the lucky ones. The Hatora Clan lost a lot of good people during the attack. They're still trying to pick up the pieces.
Security Officer Agna: Agna I still don't understand. Where is everyone? Where are all the other survivors?
Level: 8
Repeat count: 1

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