ID: 3523
icon Counterintelligence daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Into the Field

  • XP 1110
  • Coins silver 1bronze91

Start NPC: Shadowhawk Drobis
End NPC: Shadowhawk Aquilla
Quest text:
Shadowhawk Drobis: You see those Firran over there? We believe they're members of an extremist organization known as the Windwhips. Ashabel himself has ordered me to keep an eye on them while they're in our territory.
Shadowhawk Drobis: I saw them hide a series of coded messages back in the Junkyard, but I couldn't collect them without revealing myself. Could you go search the Waste Heaps in the Junkyard, and take any notes you find to Shadowhawk Aquilla?
Shadowhawk Aquilla: Coded Windwhip messages? I knew those damned cats were up to something!
Shadowhawk Aquilla: Well, I suppose some Firran are alright. Baht, for instance, speaks quite highly of you. And now that I've seen you in action, I have to agree.
Level: 12
Repeat count: 1

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