ID: 3524
icon Into the Field daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Mayor of Tigerseye

  • XP 1170
  • Coins silver 2bronze09
Quest items

Start NPC: Shadowhawk Aquilla
End NPC: Baht
Quest text:
Shadowhawk Aquilla: Baht is just over the river, at the entrance to Watermist Forest. Could you take him these orders, and assist him on his mission? It'll be a good test of your abilities.
Baht: Good to see you again! I hear you've been running errands all over town. Ready for a real adventure?
Baht: Shadowhawk Aquilla has ordered us to recover the Dragonscale. It's a priceless gem, stolen from the queen's treasury.
Baht: According to our sources, the Dragonscale is hidden in a secret Salphira Shrine somewhere near Tigerseye. And it's our job to get it back.
Level: 13
Repeat count: 1

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21-10-2020 04:27

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