ID: 3525
icon The Mayor of Tigerseye daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Feigned Formalities


Start NPC: Baht
End NPC: Tigerseye Mayor Kezar
Quest text:
Baht: I'll go scout the land around Tigerseye. You find Tigerseye Mayor Kezar, at the top of the grand stairs, and ask him if he knows anything. See you there!
Tigerseye Mayor Kezar: Yes, what can I do for you? I'm a very busy man, you know.Mayor, I've come to find the location of a hidden Salphira Shrine. Do you know anything about it?
Secretary Eluis: Ahem! I, uh, I don't think the mayor needs to concern himself with such things! They must be handled by the proper authorities, don't you think?
Level: 14
Repeat count: 1

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