ID: 3530
icon A Second Chance daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Going Rogue

  • XP 1440
  • Coins silver 2bronze54
Quest items

Start NPC: Atashamin
End NPC: Atashamin
Quest text:
Atashamin: Salphira Disciples? You know, I actually saw a group of them headed north, carrying an armored chest of some sort. Maybe they have the gem you're looking for!
Atashamin: You should hit them now, before they reach the city. Here, use this Sleeping Potion to knock out their guards. Then investigate that Armored Chest they're carrying and report back to me.
Atashamin: Well, at least it wasn't a total loss. Judging from this note you found, the Dragonscale is hidden somewhere in the Salphira Shrine in the City of Towers.
Level: 15
Repeat count: 1

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