ID: 3535
icon Vincenzio's Fate daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Lucky Break

  • XP 1520
  • Coins silver 2bronze78

Start NPC: Beriah
End NPC: Storehouse Keeper Muramushi
Quest text:
Beriah: I don't understand why nobody investigates Storehouse Keeper Muramushi. Vincenzio clearly said he was going to ask him something before leaving the city.Storehouse Keeper Muramushi? Who's he?
Johevan: A merchant in the Commercial District. He's harmless, so I never considered him a suspect. But it wouldn't hurt to ask...
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Vincenzio... I met him once. He had a strange metal crescent. Seemed to think it could lead him to a powerful artifact of some sort.
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Muramushi
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: I told him I didn't want to get involved. You Shadowhawks are nothing but trouble.
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Muramushi
Level: 16
Repeat count: 1

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