ID: 3539
icon The Origin of the Iron Crescent daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Helm of Kyrios

  • XP 1600
  • Coins silver 3bronze02
Quest items

Start NPC: Samiad
End NPC: Samiad
Quest text:
Samiad: Here. Combine your Iron Crescent with my piece, and see if you can fit them together. Unless I miss my guess, they'll fuse almost immediately.
Samiad: The truth is... I know who that Iron Crescent belongs to. In fact, I have another piece myself.
Samiad: Ah, yes. You'll find they're quite impossible to separate, now. You see, what you hold is a piece of the Helm of Kyrios... The God of Destruction himself.
Samiad: Two thousand years ago, an Elven hero smashed that helm during the battle for Auroria. It has been lost ever since. Only scholars and historians can speculate as to its full power. Hmm... Perhaps Genea, in Austera, would know more.
Level: 17
Repeat count: 1

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