ID: 3542
icon Blunt Instrument daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Promised Payment

  • XP 1040
  • Coins silver 1bronze70
Quest items

Start NPC: Technician Definna
End NPC: Mayor's Servant Maggra
Quest text:
Technician Definna: While you're here, could you do me a favor? I set down a rather sensitive document while I was working in the foundry, and MAV No. 49 ran off with it.
Technician Definna: Definna
Technician Definna: I don't have the time to fix that dratted mining machine right now. Could you disable it with this, and retrieve the book from its storage compartment? Some very important people are looking for it.
Technician Definna: Definna
Mayor's Servant Maggra: Hey, what have you got there?
Mayor's Servant Maggra: You found the book! I'll be sure to put in a good word next time I visit the Anvilton Inn.
Mayor's Servant Maggra: MagraYou're a Shadowhawk, too?
Mayor's Servant Maggra: New blood, huh? There's more of us than you might think. We aren't just in back alleys and border towns, either; we serve all sorts, if the coin is right.
Mayor's Servant Maggra: Shadowhawk Magra
Level: 11
Repeat count: 1

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