ID: 3543
icon The Middleman daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Mad Scholar

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Investigator Meiri
End NPC: Quaid
Quest text:
Investigator Meiri: You can find Quaid in Traveler's Spring, in the middle of the Solis Headlands. Give him this note, and he should help you.
Investigator Meiri: If you're looking for Genea, it's not going to be easy. He's mad as a box of badgers, and even more paranoid than Samiad. Quaid is the only one I know who might be able to track him down.
Quaid: Not many people come looking for Genea these days. You must have found something quite important in the City of Towers, hmm?
Level: 17
Repeat count: 1

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