ID: 3557
icon Parting Ways daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Shadowhawk's Request


Start NPC: Hanis
End NPC: Baht
Quest text:
Hanis: Hey, you're a friend of Genea's, right? He and that Firran friend of yours are waiting for you in the house across the street.
Baht: There you are! The brave warrior who defeated the murderous Haman, and his dark necromancer lord. I hear they're working on a song about you already!
Genea: Mmm, yes. Songs. Well I'm sure you fighting-types have plenty to talk about. Swords, and... bows, or something. In the meantime, may I keep the helm? It is a priceless relic!
Genea: I promise, I will keep it safe. We wouldn't want any other hawklings getting ideas, now would we? Heehee!
Baht: Don't worry; he'll keep it safe. As for me, I have to go to Perinoor and update my master on what's happened. But if you're looking for somewhere to settle after the loss of your home, I've heard the Harani have a camp in Silent Forest. I'm sure they'd welcome you.
Level: 25
Repeat count: 1

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