ID: 3559
icon Anthalon's Invasion daily
Category: Harani Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Baht's Final Gift


Start NPC: Shadowhawk Brona
End NPC: Bronan
Quest text:
Shadowhawk Brona: Warlock Erik is a powerful practitioner of the dark arts and was once a devoted follower of Ashabel. We fear that Ashabel's master, Anthalon, is now using Erik to prepare an invasion by the Crimson Army.
Shadowhawk Brona: You were the only Shadowhawk who stood a chance against Ashabel's necromancy. We need you to defeat Warlock Erik, and recover any instructions that Anthalon has given him. When you're done, meet me at the Stille Camp to the East.
Shadowhawk Brona: Bronan This note speaks of Ashabel as if he were alive. But I killed him, didn't I?
Bronan: Anthalon is the most powerful necromancer in recorded history. His undead are what swept our people from their home in Auroria. His servants rarely stay dead for long... and Ashabel is no exception.
Bronan: I see our suspicions were correct; Anthalon is plotting again. We need to prepare ourselves for his onslaught.
Bronan: Once, the Shadowhawks were Kyrios's most trusted warriors. But he abandoned us when he ascended to godhood. Some, like Ashabel, chose to serve him in his new, twisted form. Others fled, scratching out a living among those he'd betrayed.
Level: 28
Repeat count: 1

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