ID: 3561
icon A Lucky Break daily
Category: Harani Main

  • XP 1520
  • Coins silver 2bronze78
Quest items

Start NPC: Storehouse Keeper Muramushi
End NPC: Hivana
Quest text:
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: I did see Vincenzio speaking with Hivana, though. She's a curio dealer, and she... Hey, wait a minute!
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Muramushi
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Are you Player? Storehouse Keeper Katra left me this box, and your description. She never told me you were a bloody Shadowhawk, though. Here, just take it. You don't even have to pay me. Just go talk to Hivana, and leave me alone!
Storehouse Keeper Muramushi: Muramushi
Hivana: More Shadowhawks? Listen, I don't know anything about that damned Iron Crescent. I couldn't help Vincenzio, and I can't help you.
Level: 16
Repeat count: 1

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