ID: 4336
icon The Redscale Chieftain daily
Category: Karkasse Ridgelands

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Energy's Effects


Start NPC: Jeyon
End NPC: Jeyon
Quest text:
Jeyon: We've been excavating these bone-strewn hills for months, trying to unlock the secrets of the Nuons. But now that the Wyrmkin have awakened, I think I know another way.
Jeyon: Since the Dragons are all dead, the Wyrmkin are the only creatures we know of that actually had contact with the Nuons. If anyone's going to know where the Nuons got their power, it's those scaly devils.
Jeyon: Our scouts report that the chieftain of the local Redscale tribe, Ashkaltum, uses a powerful artifact to command his warriors. I'm betting it's a Nuon device of some sort.
Jeyon: I need someone to infiltrate the Wyrmkin camp, find Wyrmkin Leader Ashkaltum at his tent beneath the Dragonskull, and retrieve this mysterious artifact. It will be dangerous... but I'll make sure the reward is worth the risk. Will you do it?
Jeyon: So this is the artifact the Wyrmkin Chieftain carried? It seems like such a small thing. I wonder what secrets it holds?
Level: 48
Repeat count: 1

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Danjian 14-08-2014 18:00

Prerequisite for this quest is Capture a Wyrmkin

Azalgon 8-10-2014 14:37

Very informative thank you Danjian.


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